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Why Is Higher Powered Pressure Washing Sometimes Needed?

November 14, 2014 SimplyLogic 0 Comments

zWhen you say the words ‘pressure washing’ to most people, they generally think of the small, easily portable gasoline or even electric powered machines that are used to do minor cleaning jobs around a residential home. But for many situations, high powered, serious pressure washing is needed instead. In these instances, using units that are much larger is required. Units may still be fairly easy to transport and move, or they could be mounted on trucks or trailers and deliver highly pressurized blasts of water.

Just what kinds of jobs require high powered pressure washing? It varies, but usually it’s the more intense jobs such as:

  • Heavy equipment cleaning
  • Commercial or industrial site cleaning
  • Oil cleanups in garages or driveways
  • Paint removal from structures
  • Tarmac cleaning
  • And more

Most residential jobs wont’ require the use of the heavy duty systems, though some may. It’s worth noting that whether you need pressure washing for a commercial job or a residential one, the job is better left to the professionals who have experience running the units.

There are a few key reasons that you need to trust the pros to handle these jobs. Those reasons include:

  • Safety – The high powered nature of the units can actually cause injury – not just to those who are struck by the water, but to those who are running the equipment. It has risks, and letting the professionals handle the job helps keep you safe.
  • Chemicals – Knowing which cleaning chemicals should be used in any given situation is important as well, and the pros will have the experience to utilize the right chemicals and cleaners whenever they’re needed.
  • Property Damage – Due to the high levels of pressure involved in the systems, they can literally damage wood and other materials, leaving scratches and much worse in them. It requires careful attention to clean the surface without damaging it, and that kind of skill only comes from experience.

Pressure washing is a major part of many jobs, and it is often required as a first step in numerous procedures. To ensure that you get the best results, you should take a few moments to understand the process and to find a professional service that can help you get the kind of pressure washing you need.

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