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Maryland Faux Finishing & Stripes

Maryland Faux Finishing & Stripes

Maryland Faux Finishing & Stripes Gets You
The Right Look At The Right Price

If you’ve ever walked around some of Maryland’s most stately neighborhoods, the neighborhoods where every home is well into the eight figure range, you’ll notice one trend in particular. The nicest homes in the state almost all have some kind of stonework or brick on their exterior – expensive exterior treatments that signal that a lot of care and labor went into the building of the home. It used to be impossible to build a brick or stone house without paying a fortune, but now there are exterior treatments like faux finishing & stripes that can give you the look of expensive surfaces without the price tag.

What is Faux Finishing?

Have you ever been in a luxury bathroom and fallen head over heels for the elaborate patterns and colors of the marble walls? Wished that you could bring that same luxurious wall décor into your own home without having to pay thousands and thousands of dollars for imported marble?

Faux finishing is a method where professional painters use special tools and painting techniques to apply paint in a way that simulates other surface types. For example, multiple paint colors can be used to create a wall treatment that looks almost exactly like marble – giving you the appearance of luxury without having to pay for the actual luxury materials.

Some faux finishing uses sophisticated mechanical methods to simulate other surfaces. For example, marble flooring is in high demand in luxury kitchens throughout the world, but it’s not actually a very practical surface. Real marble gets very slippery when it gets wet, and it is prone to acid damage and chipping from objects that are dropped on it. Not only is real marble too expensive for most homeowners to consider, but it isn’t the most durable surface out there either. With faux finishing, your Maryland floor installation company can come to your house with special tools and concrete forms to create a stained and stamped concrete floor that looks almost exactly like marble. Multiple stain colors are mixed into the concrete while it sets, and then the concrete is stamped so it looks like quarried marble tiles were hand-assembled in your kitchen.

You get all the luxurious appearance of a marble floor but with the durability and easy maintenance of concrete!

Maryland Luxury with Faux Finishing

When you hire your Maryland professional painter/finishing specialist, you can transform the blank canvases in your home or business into something truly spectacular. Using the latest techniques and technologies, your contractor can simulate nearly any expensive surfaces. We have done everything from faux marble backsplashes to Mylar-based faux tin roofs!

Faux finishes are more than just a way to decorate your home without spending a fortune, they also tend to last longer than the “real” surfaces that they are designed to imitate. Many luxury surfaces are designed with only décor in mind, and they aren’t really intended to be used every single day. For example, travertine tile is beautiful and expensive – but it is meant more for guest bathrooms and areas that don’t get much traffic – and it tends to wear down unevenly which requires expensive repair and replacement. A faux finish can take advantage of synthetic materials and durable construction items to create a faux surfaces that has all the appearance of the original material without the downside.

Faux Finishing & Stripes Tips

One thing that separates the faux finishes of today from their inferior counterparts from the 1980s and 1990s is the breakthroughs that have been made in textured painting. In the past, faux finishes were entirely two dimensional – so they didn’t look very believable if people were allowed to get close. Now, faux finishes can incorporate a bit of texture – giving them the appearance of actual luxury materials.

From stonework to marble tile, nearly anything can be simulated with thick materials and stamping. Synthetics are improving as well, so even heavier materials can be simulated easily and installed with minimal time or resources required. Faux stone and faux tile, for example, is so much lighter than its real counterpart that it only takes one or two people to do the wall treatments for an entire room in a matter of hours!

Something else that has changed the faux finishing industry has been the advent of high quality photo-realistic printing. Vinyl and other surfaces are often run through photo printers to apply a realistic surface that uses thousands of different colors – something that would have been impossible with older technology. For example, marble countertops and faux vinyl countertops with marble images printed on them are usually indistinguishable from each other at a distance – and they can have very similar tactile properties thanks to the 3D printing ability now available to manufacturers. Your Maryland contractor will have all the tricks of the industry up his sleeves, and he will be able to give you an absolutely beautiful home design at only a tiny percentage of what it would cost if you were to do everything with a high budget and higher material standards.

Faux Finishing for Painting

Finally, there is a lot that you can do with simple paintbrushes and sponges to apply different treatments to newly painted walls. With a sponge and a couple different colors of paint, your Maryland painters can make a wall appear distressed, they can add texture that makes the wall “pop” from its background, or they can give a wall a unique wood grain appearance or use brush strokes to draw peoples’ attention to focal points in the room.

Faux treatments in painting have really taken off in the last couple years thanks to DIY shows and home improvement stores offering tutorials and new paint types – and now it is not rare to see faux finishes even in luxury homes. Just make sure your Maryland painters are qualified and know what they are doing. We’ve seen plenty of DIY projects go terribly wrong, especially with something as complex as faux finishing. When you are struck by inspiration and ready to change the way that your home looks, call our Maryland painting office to schedule a consultation.

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