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Exterior Painters In Edgewater MD

Exterior Painters In Edgewater MarylandNothing can impact your home’s curb appeal as much as exterior painting – and a new paint job can make all the difference when you start to put your home on the market. No matter the color that you choose, exterior paint can protect your home from the elements while allowing you to express your personality and your sense of style to the entire neighborhood. Of course, for something as important as exterior paint you need to choose a high quality paint that is going to last through “rain and shine” for years to come. Exterior painting might be an expensive investment in your home’s appearance, but a fresh coat of paint is one of the few renovations/improvements that you can see a real return from in the increased value of your home.

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Professional Exterior Painters In Edgewater MD

Anyone can pick up a brush and call themselves a painter, but hiring an amateur painting contractor (or trying to do the job yourself) is a recipe for disaster. With complex exterior painting jobs, there are tons of moving parts that influence how good your paint will adhere. For example, did you realize that it takes more than 24 hours for an oil-based primer to dry – and the relative humidity of the atmosphere during the drying time can actually impact how well the primer fills gaps in your home’s exterior? If you want your exterior paint job to last, and you care about the way that your neighbors (and the world) see your home, you need to pick Edgewater’s most professional exterior painting service for all of your needs. From small touch-ups to major repainting jobs, our professional painters can help you with your exterior renovations and refreshing.

Choosing The Right Paints And Primers

One thing that separates the professional service that you will receive from your local Edgewater MD painter and the painters you might find on Craigslist is our attention to detail in every aspect of our job. We have more than a decade of professional experience in the painting arena, and there isn’t a painting challenge that we haven’t already seen and overcome. Our painters are able to choose the correct paint for any application, and we never take shortcuts by using cheaper/faster paints just because they save time or money. Your exterior paint job is a major investment in the appearance of your home, so you should expect your exterior painting service to put as much care into it as you have.

For most of our home painting jobs in Edgewater MD we use a stain-blocking primer. Stain-blocking primers are universal primers, meaning they are good on a wide variety of surfaces – so we can use the same primer on different exterior treatments to allow our painters to cover a greater amount of square footage each day. Stain-blocking primers are also perfect for commercial and residential use in this city because they cover up the paint that is underneath, and they repel stains caused by acid rain, smog, even nicotine! If you want your paint to look great for a long time, you need a stain blocking primer to protect the paint and ultimately to preserve the material that your house is built out of.

What Is Involved In An Edgewater MD Exterior Painting Job?

When you hire a painting company like ours to do the interior painting in your home – it only takes a few hours and the painting job is completed. Exterior painting is a bit more involved. There are a few steps that are necessary for your exterior painting job – and sometimes Mother Nature plays a role in determining when we can paint your house.

Choose your paint color – This is an important step, and the color that you choose will influence everything from your property value to the type of paint that we use. While you might be tempted to paint your entire home a bright and beautiful shade of orange or yellow, you have to consider more than just your personal preferences when you select a paint color. Do you live in one of Edgewater’s multiple neighborhoods with home owners associations? If so – you might already have signed a document that dictates what color your home can be, and your options could already be limited. If your home is in the sun all day, you should consider lighter shades of blue and white – not only will they reflect sunlight to keep your home cool, but they will also avoid the gradual fading that bright colors go through in the sun.

Choose your paint type and primer – We realize that there are hundreds of different combinations of paint types and primers – so we work with you to find a paint that meets your budget goals while still giving you the quality paint job that you deserve. The paint that you select is going to be dependent on your surface type – although we recommend Latex paints for ease of application whenever possible.

Prepare for Painting – To do a good job, your paint crew will normally need around three days to finish your entire paint job. Oil based primers take at least 24 hours to dry, although they can take longer if there is a humid climate or if you are expecting weather. We don’t usually recommend painting your home during the spring because of the chance of rainstorms, but we can use fast-drying latex paints and primers if you want to get your house painted quickly (to put on the market, for example).

Sit back and Relax – When you call your Edgewater area painting company to do your exterior painting for you, you are taking a huge amount of stress out of your life. According to Home Depot, the typical DIY enthusiast spends almost 80 hours trying to paint their own home – and that’s without any guarantee that the paint job will be done right the first time. Can’t you think of something else that you’d rather be doing for 80 hours of your life? Our professional painters have experience and training that allows them to complete your paint job efficiently and quickly – and you’ll thank yourself for making the decision to go with the “All Painting MD Team” on your exterior painting assignment.

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