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Thinking Ahead To Avoid Painting Pitfalls

September 29, 2015 SimplyLogic 0 Comments

thinking-ahead-to-avoid-painting-pitfalls-300x200Edgewater business owners are some of the most productive people in the Maryland area. Along with contending with the spring and summer tourist seasons, these enterprising individuals make the quick switch over to holiday retail in just about a month’s time. The result is that it can leave very little time to contend with any other aspects of the commercial enterprise.

Regardless of whether an entrepreneur actually owns their commercial building, or is renting the space, up-keep within the business still tends to fall on the part of the proprietor. Many commercial landlords will aid in some funding for repairs and maintenance, but the act of securing these services tends to fall on the business owner.


Making Time

The result is that while functional concerns for the commercial structure are attended, some cosmetic concerns may be entirely based on the choices of the business owners. This also means that interior painting may need to be a task for which time is made, so that the overall presentation of the business can remain seamless throughout the season.

The choice of when to have the interior of a business painted can cause some challenges. Ideal points that business owners are looking for include:

  • • Transition times
  • • Lower traffic
  • • Good environmental conditions
  • • Lower stock times, for moving merchandise out of the way during painting

This also means that planning for commercial interior painting for shop maintenance can also include other minor projects that need attention.

In planning on interior painting and making time for the project, it does present Edgewater, MD, business owners with an ideal opportunity to also take care of other work within the commercial structure.

  • • Trim painting
  • • Staining or painting furniture in the store
  • • Decorative window edging
  • • Patching wall blemishes

All of these tasks can also be included in the time allotted for interior painting, since this also presents the most efficient use of time for Edgewater business owners.


Understanding Transitions

Along with actually making the time to have the interior of the shop repainted, owners should also consider the timing of this prospect. Even with the need for lower traffic in order to make the painting process viable, it is also important for people to recognize that sudden heavy traffic directly after a fresh painting can also cause trouble.

While customers tracking mud or sand into the freshly painted space could be an immediate concern, shop owners will also want to leave some time for the structure to air out. Non-toxic and high quality paints are not harmful for others, but for the ambiance of the shop, a breath of fresh air will be beneficial.

In following these guidelines, Edgewater commercial owners can find the time, and the right time, to engage in shop maintenance and professional interior painting. This will keep the environment clean and fresh looking, and it will also afford the feeling of a new start at the beginning of each busy season in the year.

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