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The Trick Of Opulent Surroundings With Faux Painting

October 15, 2014 SimplyLogic 0 Comments

6When homeowner consider a makeover to the interior of their home, they often think of aspects like repainting walls, changing the décor, and moving around furniture in order to generate a new look for the space. All of these aspects can give an old room a fresh appeal, and add comfort to the living space. However, it can be possible to combine interior painting with decorating, to generate an innovative perspective that adds to the appeal.

Some people are familiar with the concept of faux painting. It essentially utilizes a combination of paint and glaze to create the look of different surfaces on the regular drywall. This offers a brightness and intrigue that draws the eye, but also blends to the feel of the surroundings. For interior walls, popular faux painting techniques include:

• Marble

• Terra cotta

• Wood grains

• Brushed metal

• Tiling and mosaic

• Leather

On the walls, this painting addition can add a touch of extravagance without the cost or the weight and labor that the actual materials would utilize. By considering faux painting techniques for the walls, homeowners are able to expand their concepts for redecorating and make a more inclusive space for art and atmosphere.

Off The Walls

Part of remodeling will tend to include using décor to further enliven a space. While faux painting is often seen as an aspect of wall painting, it is not limited to this alone. Other creative outlets for this style of makeover can also include tromp l’oeil style floor embellishments.

When redoing a basement, the concrete floor can be painted to resemble sections of area rugs, hardwood flooring, and even tiled accents. This converts the space to vibrancy without additional decorations or clutter, and provides an intriguing surface for underfoot. Even within the main living space of the house, faux painting can be utilized to liven up painted floors and add more aesthetic appeal to the room.

When considering a remodel, it can be important for people to explore what faux painting has to offer. This may not only extend the budget for the renovations, but also the ideas for how the finished interior will appeal.

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