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The Right Treatment With Exterior Painting

October 9, 2014 SimplyLogic 0 Comments

8Architectural definition can be part of the pride of many towns and cities. Edgewater, MD, has a unique mix of traditions, between southern colonial brick homes, and wood shingled sea port houses. For homeowners, this can give a number of decisions when it comes to upkeep and maintenance. These houses have a special feel about them that urges to be preserved, and exterior painting can play as much of a part in the appearance as it can in the longevity.

Wooden shingle homes do require some special attention, especially with the impact that saltwater has for warping and buckling. While some of the homes retain the natural weathered color of the wood, others sport bright paint as a way of protecting the appeal. Each style still requires care, and professional exterior painting can offer this ability to both maintain and add vibrancy.


Going Natural

Even weathered shingles require protection, but the natural appeal of these wood covered homes can shine still shine through. Newer area residences will often use stains and varnishes to get the look of age without the wear and tear. This type of exterior painting can allow new structures to meld into the community and continue to add to the personality of Edgewater.

For older homes, exterior painting can also ensure that homes will last, regardless of environmental impacts. Although individuals think that house painting is just about color, it is also about maintaining the surface beneath. Clear coats and weatherproofing can be used on exterior walls, decks, and fences, without vastly changing the appearance, but while still giving the needed shielding from the elements.


A Touch Of Bright

While some homeowners choose to blend, others choose to stand out in the eclectic community of Edgewater. This may mean utilizing brighter stains for the overall shingling, but can also include vibrant trims and shutters to add contrast to the wood exterior. Even this type of exterior painting helps to preserve homes, as it offers a barrier to the elements, and ensures that the structure lasts. Exterior painting is a necessary form of upkeep, that can also contribute to the color of the town.

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