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Residential & Commercial Interior Paint Projects Differences

January 8, 2015 SimplyLogic 0 Comments

iEveryone knows and understands that painting is one of the best ways to give a property a makeover. The addition of some quality paint colors can transform even the oldest looking building into something new and vibrant. There are two main types of jobs – interior and exterior ones. Both can bring tremendous results to the property they’re focused on, but there are some very big differences as well.

Taking a look at those differences can shine a light on the complexities of paint projects and help you understand just why turning to the pros is so important. No two jobs are the same, and identifying the differences between commercial and residential interior painting is well worth doing.

The first big difference is the ultimate goal. Residential interior paint projects focus on matching a resident’s tastes and style while also imparting a sense of warmth to the room. The right colors can influence mood, increase enjoyment of a room, and much more. The same is true of commercial projects, but in those cases it’s more a matter of energizing employees and customers while also building brand identity. Color choice matters, but a different approach has to be taken based on what kind of property is being painted.

Commercial projects are often – but not always – larger than residential ones. They also need faster completion times since time spent with painting being done is time spent not generating income and drawing in customers. Residential painting projects should be completed quickly too so homeowners can get back to enjoying their home, but with commercial projects time really is money.

The type of paint used often matters tremendously as well. For instance, in a home, using a satin or eggshell finish is often preferred for the warmth it provides. But in commercial buildings, a high-gloss finish is often better since it’s more durable and easier to clean – not to mention the pristine, energizing look it gives off.

Both types of projects do require significant work – removing old paint, removing furniture or office fixtures, painting, cleanup, and more. Combine that work with the fact that quality results matter, and it becomes clear that turning to the pros for your project is often the better call.

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