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Putting Up A Bright Front With Exterior Paint

October 21, 2014 SimplyLogic 0 Comments

4Many commercial spaces are treated as more of an industrial work area, even if they are thriving offices within. Building owners should stay aware of the fact that outer appearances can impact inner productivity. This can also impact professional relationships as possible business leads meld visual and emotional cues of the structure into concepts about the business within.

In Ellicott City, MD, many of the historic brick buildings have taken the step to brighten up the outer appearance of these commercial spaces. The effect is a visual mosaic for passers-by, but also a sense of intrigue for the professionals who work there. This offers an eclectic feel to the commercial district through the combination of austere stone and vibrant exterior paint.

As real estate is picking up and entrepreneurial endeavors are on the rise, building owners may want to consider whether their commercial space is truly inviting for lease or for sale. Objective observations may include:

• Noticing exterior wear

• Natural stone that is hidden by grime

• Peeling paints

• Faded color

• Outdated colors

• Worn masonry and finishes

All of these aspects can cause potential renters and buyers to overlook the commercial property, no matter how well it is situated in terms of location.

Repainting, cleaning, or re-facing commercial buildings in Ellicott City can help to boost appeal and drive business. When considering these professional services, it can also be helpful to consider the desired outcome in order to gauge the size of the task. If the general appearance is favorable but is not vibrant enough, then a cleaning or an exterior paint job can be the solution. If there are structural issues with the masonry or the finish, then repairs along with repainting can be required.

Some building owners may just want to make a fresh start, even if the look of the structure is still appealing. This decision can foster further interest from the public, and draw the eye, as well as clients, to the commercial property.

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