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Putting A Fresh Face On Edgewater Homes With Professional Interior Painting

December 29, 2014 SimplyLogic 0 Comments

mOne of the things that Edgewater, MD residents truly appreciate about this bayside enclave is the overall appearance of neighborhoods in the area. Whether houses are situated directly on the water or are inland on well landscaped plots, all of these dwellings present a picturesque snapshot of the beauty of the town. While it is certainly important to maintain properties through yard work and exterior repairs, homeowners will often find that the surfaces within the house also require some attention.

Between the salt water air and the pollen from the lush trees and vegetation, the insides of homes in Edgewater can collect a lot of grime on the walls, even with regular cleaning. It is often necessary to address this, in order to keep homes looking bright and fresh, but also because the salt air and pollen can impact the paint job over time. While an interior repainting may seem like a cosmetic fix, it can also be integral to keeping the building materials in good condition.

Painting Or Repainting?

When Edgewater residents consider interior painting, one of the first considerations is whether to explore a new color palette, or maintain the existing one. For many people, the idea of using painting as a decorating project as much as an act of upkeep can be very tempting. Choosing a new color scheme can still be in keeping with the existing tones of the furniture and the decorating throughout the house.

One way of utilizing repainting to brighten the look of a home, without making any drastic changes, is to choose colors that are similar to the existing walls, but may be brighter or updated versions of the current hues. This will allow for the walls to look clean and vibrant, without that layer of environmental grit, but will also give the look of the inside of the home an extra pop to impress residents and visitors.

Another subtle change that many Edgewater homeowners think about when considering interior painting is to alter the color of the trim or molding. While this effect may seem minimal, it can vastly impact the feel and appearance of a room. Including a touch of contrasting color along the trim, banister, or wainscoting can truly update the interior of the home, while also removing years of ground in dirt.

A Fresh Start

Some homeowner may simply wish to freshen up the look of the walls, without making any drastic decorating changes. In these cases, professional interior painting can aid in matching the existing colors of the walls, but can also serve as a resource in recommending different paint choices that are easier to clean, or do not show environmental dirt as easily. This can vastly improve the look of the home, but it can also make routine maintenance much simpler. The consideration to have this type of mini-makeover for the interior of the house can keep Edgewater neighborhoods looking clean and classy for years to come.

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