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Paint Colors And The Winter Blues In Your Ellicott City Home

January 30, 2015 SimplyLogic 0 Comments

aMaryland is one of the oldest states in the nation, and there’s plenty of history throughout its borders. Ellicott City was founded in 1772, and carries on that rich history. It’s easy to love life here, but as the northern winters begin to drop temps it can be easy to feel those ‘winter blues’ coming on. To combat this, it’s worth taking a look at your interior home colors. A simple coat of the right paint could have a tremendous impact on the way you feel.

Most people are already well aware of the fact that colors can influence feelings and thoughts, and while certain colors won’t help raise temperatures outside, they could certainly warm up your overall mood and your feelings this season. Here’s some of what you’ll want to consider:

  • • The ‘warm’ paint colors are the ones that can help add warmth and happiness to a room. Colors like red, orange, and yellow are worth considering.
  • • Grey, blue, and black can help you feel down. They’re considered ‘cold’ colors, and you’ll want to think about changing them if you can.
  • • If you’re not keen on the idea of an entire room painted in orange or yellow, think about just using it in an accent. A single wall, a shadowbox, or some trim could be enough to have a big impact.
  • • Lighting is something that should never be overlooked, either. Brighten up your lights to get rid of shadows and reduce the gloom that a dark room can project onto you.
  • • Go beyond the color, too. Adding decorations, artwork, or even a few simple plants can really take the winter blues away by adding a sense of color, life, and warmth to everything. It’s well worth thinking about if you’re feeling that you’re trapped in a never-ending winter.
  • • A professional painter can help tremendously. Not only will they help you find the best colors for a home, they’ll also apply them in a way that ensures you are satisfied with the results. Getting faster, better looking work finished is a big part of moving out of the winter gloom.
  • • Don’t feel like the points above are only good in the winter, either. You’ll feel better about your home during the summer as well when you take the steps needed to change up your colors for the better. It will have an impact throughout the year, not just on those cold days.

These tips can help you bust through the wintertime blues and get your happiness levels back up to where they should be. Keep each one in mind, find the right painter, and get the results that you need. You’ll be glad you did.

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