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Judging A Business By Its Exterior Painting

October 27, 2014 SimplyLogic 0 Comments

2Regardless of the business that a person runs, owners are aware of the fact that clients will base their impressions of goods and services as much on reputation as they will on the appearance of an office. Part of this is based on the psychological connection that can be made between the upkeep of a building and the care that will be shown to clients. This can make it very important to keep offices looking bright and sharp on the outside as well as the inside.

Depending on the building that a business is housed in, this can include a number of considerations. If the environment for the office is near to major roadways, then grime from exhaust and oil can hide the building’s façade. Even in more suburban communities such as Pasadena, MD, the environment can still wreak havoc on the exterior of an office. Substances such as pollen, tree sap, and discoloration from leaves will all detract from a building’s appearance.

Sprucing up the image that an office presents will not only aid in business relations, but can also help in the longevity of the structure itself. Environmental detractors can be more than an eyesore, and may lead to actual deterioration of building materials. This is especially true for organics such as decaying leaves and tree sap. Thus, taking the time to take care of the outside of an office shows initiative to clients, as well as to employees.


Cleaning Or Exterior Painting

In some cases, improving the outside appearance of an office building may just need a simple cleaningb. This is valid if the underlying paint job is still even and free from cracks and peeling. Many stone face or vinyl sided buildings will simply require a power wash to remove grime, although this can also be applicable to offices that have a newer paint job. The washing will help to improve the impression that clients have upon seeing the office, but will also help to preserve the longevity of the underlying surface.

Other buildings may require full exterior painting. This is necessary if there are:

• Cracks in the surface

• Additional wall repairs that are needed

• Peeling paint

• Uneven paint wear• Uneven color matching

• The desire for a fresher business image


In this manner, a combination of aesthetics and necessity may lead to having an office front repainted.

Business owners may wish to take an objective look at the building they are working out of. IT can be helpful to try and see the exterior as a client would, and thus base the emotional response to appearance on those factors. Subjective observation is also an aspect, since promoting an image from within can also affect business function.

Decisions to rework exterior painting can be based on a number of points, but it may be important to balance vision with perceptions. This can translate out to a more engaging experience for clients, as well as a better workplace for employees.

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