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Home Makeovers That Don’t Destroy The Home

October 6, 2015 SimplyLogic 0 Comments

home-makeovers-that-dont-destroy-the-home-300x200As much as Glen Burnie residents may feel comfortable with the familiarity of their living space, there is also a recognition that changing up the surroundings can have a profound effect on emotional and mental health. Often, when people are feeling uninspired or are looking for a greater purpose, manifest changes to the self and the environment are general expression.

As Glen Burnie residents move into the fall and winter, there is also a stronger motivation to look for change as a means of

  • • Reducing a sense of cabin fever
  • • Preparing the home for holiday guests
  • • Using a change in environment to inspire more positive lifestyle choices
  • • Feeling more current in a rapidly changing society

While other motivations can also be a factor, these are the most common ones that prompt homeowners to look into making over the home.


Functional Factors

One of the most common challenges that residents will face is the choice of how to go about these changes. Grand schemes for remodeling can be beneficial in the long run, but Glen Burnie homeowners should also remember that a major renovation can also disrupt the household. The truth is that interior painting for residential properties can satisfy the motivation to make alterations, but can do so in a much less disruptive fashion.

  • Updating wall colors – although people don’t always realize it, the interior colors of a home are part of what can make it feel dated. Shifting from bolder colors or white to the beiges and umber neutral tones that are currently in fashion can give the inside of a home an immediate facelift.
  • Finding simple aesthetics – another current trend that can update a home is to use subtle contrast between trim and wall colors. This can result in an understated elegance for the home, but can also add a splash of color with white walls.
  • Using faux finishes – these painting techniques can replicate anything from leather to marble, and as a focal point on one wall or part of a wall, it offers a bold visual statement without being overbearing.

Along with these and other interior painting makeovers, homeowners in Glen Burnie can create an inspiring and fresh home environment, without completely gutting the home.


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