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Faux Painting Inspires Ellicott City

December 25, 2014 SimplyLogic 0 Comments

oThe vestiges of the old mill town still run strongly in modern day Ellicott City, MD. With a rich history that spans nearly three centuries, the downtown area is made up many historic buildings which are now the home to shops and businesses for the residents of the city. Even with progress, the architecture of the region perseveres, and business owners are proud to call the brick face buildings their place of commerce.

Maintaining a structure in downtown Ellicott City can be a full time task for many owners, since there are code considerations as well as aesthetic appeal that should be kept in mind. As a result, renovations and cleanings can be yearly tasks, in order to preserve the structures, and to preserve the appearance of the commercial district as a whole. However, this can also include maintaining the inside of the business, in order to continue the vibrant feel that the entire business district exudes.

Standing Out While Blending In With Faux Painting

Many of the shops and offices in Ellicott City are located in authentic stone and brick structures that date back to when the mills put this region on the map. This can make it extremely important for businesses to ensure that their dwellings always look pristine and clean on the inside. Re-painting the interior walls or changing the color scheme is always an option for this type of construction. Depending on what type of interior renovations has been done to the commercial building, businesses may be faced with the challenges of painting over brick or just drywall.

It can be very important for businesses to realize that factors such as the surface of the interior walls, layers of older paint, and the composition of these paints can impact the effect of redoing the color and décor of the walls. For this reason, hiring a professional for interior painting in a commercial property can not only ensure that that business may resume as quickly as possible after the renovation, but also that the new paint job will last.

Another consideration that can be ideal for businesses in Ellicott City is the effect of textural or faux painting. These techniques can help to spice up plain drywall in businesses that have seen structural improvements, and they can also keep interior brick walls looking classy. The effect will also impact clients and customers who enter the business, as the unique and bright new interior painting makes a positive impression that is memorable, even in the historic downtown area.

Turning Back The Clock

A professional interior faux painting can be exactly the answer to making a great first impression with any client. This not only shows that the business cares about its own appearance, but also that the owners are committed to upholding the overall appeal of downtown Ellicott City, inside and out. Different painting styles can also replicate the appearance of the historic interiors, or offer a surprisingly modern look once customers enter the older buildings.

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