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Adding Class To The Office With Interior Painting

October 17, 2014 SimplyLogic 0 Comments

5Businesses in Ellicott City, MD, tend to have a variety of choices for office space. This can include historic brick front building along the main streets, but may also extend to turn of the century homes that are licensed for commercial use. As a result, business owners are also faced with a number of choices on how they want their office space to appear to clients and to personnel.

Many of the colorful brick face buildings can seem somewhat austere on the inside, especially if the plate windows provide the only natural lighting. Although interior lighting can be a great benefit in these businesses, decorating schemes will also add to the appeal. The use of faux painting has become popular for these types of interiors, as it can change the entire mood of the office.


Choices And Brand- Interior Painting

Business owners will often decorate office space in a manner that reflects the brands, since this reinforces reputation and recognition for customers and employees. Faux painting can add to this image, by offering the appeal of color, material, and texture without the added expense. For office spaces, a number of techniques can provide class and brightness, without going over the top.

Venetian PlasterThis technique adds a textural effect, but can still reflect muted colors for a professional look

Artesian Finish – While this can be applied to an entire room, it may also be used as accent in recessed spaces or dividing walls. The finish imitates a soft stone or marble look for a touch of vibrancy.

Brushed MetalThis is also a faux painting technique that can accent or fully adorn. Although the appearance is somewhat reflective, the muted brushed look gives a high-powered feel.

Stucco – The high texture appearance of this faux painting offers the comforting look of plastering on the drywall, but removes the middle step of actually building the plaster beneath the paint.

Suede and LeatherThese faux painting finishes imitate the softness of the fabrics through paint and glaze on the wall, for an inviting feel.

Along with the different styles that may appeal to the business brand, the interior painting will also convey a sense of comfort to clients and employees. This can impact not only how the public responds to the office space, but can also impact staff morale for the better.

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