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A Clean Face With Power Washing

October 23, 2014 SimplyLogic 0 Comments

3Whether it is from natural or manmade environmental conditions, the outside of a home can become a depository for a fair amount of dirt and detritus. Many homeowners will notice this buildup all at once, even though the process can take place over time. However, once a resident starts to see the impact, they will often also start to think about how to restore the look of the home.

Residents in Severna Park will often see the outcome of both nature and urban conditions on the outside of the home. While homeowners with shingling might consider repainting the house, owners with vinyl siding and brick face not realize that there is a simple solution to getting the exterior clean and fresh looking again.


The Power Of Water

Power washing is a simple and convenient way to remove grime on a number of exterior home surfaces, and can be applicable to other parts of the property as well. With power washing, a forced spray of water is used to strip the dirt from smooth and textured surfaces, making it highly applicable for:

• Brick and masonry

• Stone

• Vinyl

• Wood

• Painted and stained surfaces

• Macadam

One important thing to be aware of with professional power washing is that the force of the stream can be modulated to accommodate these different surfaces. Brick and masonry may require a more powerful force to infiltrate the ridges in the mortar, while painted wood can still be washed clean without damaging or stripping the paint. This can be an easier solution than repainting the entirety of the home, and can also keep other outside surface looking like new.


Underfoot But Not Out Of The Way

Even with a good coat of stain, many residents in Severna Park will find that they have blemish marks on their decks after the fall and winter. This discoloration comes from the organic chemicals that are released as leaves decompose. Even tree sap can stain the surface and railing of a deck, but most of these issues are a surface concern.

Weather proofed decks will hold up to environmental factors that can damage the integrity of the wood, but dark stains from leaves and sap can still be abundant. Power washing for decks can be an ideal way to remove these marks, while preserving the beauty and integrity of the wood. It saves the effort of spot cleaning, and provides an efficient way to turn what may seem like a large job into a simpler one.

Some homeowners will utilize power washing on an annual basis to ensure a spotless appearance to the house and property, while others may only use this service when a build-up of dirt shows. Power washing is safe enough for construction materials that it may be used regularly, which makes it a great addition to regular spring cleaning. Regardless of the motivation or regularity, a quick power wash may be all that a home needs to have it looking new again.

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