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When It Comes To Drywall Repair Prep Work Is Key

September 17, 2017 Andrew 0 Comments

Perfect Drywall Repair Means Attention To The Prep Work

Whether it’s remnants from the kids roughhousing in the house, general wear-and-tear, or the result of a water leak or accident in the home, when it comes to drywall repair, eventually, every home will need it.

Everything from small dents and dings, to large holes, and even complete walls can be patched and replaced with ease by our team, but the area we find needs the most attention is the prep work itself.

You’ve probably seen this yourself countless times. A wall that was repainted to cover a drywall repair, but the underlying patch clearly shows through the paint. What’s missing? The primer. That’s right, the same way you would prime a wall for a proper interior paint job is also the same way you should prime your repair area to properly mask the drywall compound underneath.

Seems like a small detail, but it makes all the difference in the world, and it’s attention to small details just like that which set us apart here at All Painting and Power Washing.

Have some walls around the house that are in need of patching and restoration? Give us a call. We handle all aspects of interior and exterior house painting, carpentry work, power washing, and more!


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