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There’s Still Time To Power Wash That Grime Before Winter

October 17, 2017 Andrew 0 Comments

The ice and snow of winter can add up before you know it around here, and once winter starts there is nothing more depressing, or slippery for that matter, than the grunge and build-up that was left behind on your walkways, siding, patios, and decks after the end of summer.

It’s tempting to want to leave it and deal with it once spring rolls around, but that’s a costly mistake. Particularly in the case of walkways and patios, the build-up of grime can double your trouble once moisture and low temps begin to make things more slippery around your home.

Then of course, there’s the needlessly dreary look of your home’s exterior as you look out the windows all winter long. As our client’s always tell us, the grey days of winter can get dreary enough around here by late January, there’s no need to add discolored siding into the mix!

We couldn’t agree more, but remember, when temps get down below freezing it’s no longer the ideal time for our pressure washing teams to work on your home, so give us a call now and we’ll have you looking squeaky clean for the holidays!

Check Out The Before And After We Turned Around For This Client Just This Week:


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