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Rotten Wood – We’ll Find it Before It Destroys Your House

June 1, 2017 Andrew 0 Comments

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If you keep your eyes open, often, your home will “tell” you when it need repairs. For instance, it is pretty obvious that your house needs attention if a steady water leak cascades through your ceiling every time it rains, or if a baseball suddenly crashes through your living room window, right?

However, unlike obvious water leaks or broken windows, rotting wood is one home maintenance problem that can easily escape notice, unless you specifically look for it. And unfortunately, like a spot of rust on a car, wood rot can spread far and wide, making it especially dangerous to your home’s wooden building materials.

Because of its tendency to spread, you should repair rotten wood ASAP when you discover it, and make sure you fix it completely. Otherwise, you will only face more serious and extensive repairs down the road. Ultimately, serious enough wood rot can even compromise your home’s structural integrity (look around your home – you see a lot of wood, right?).

So, what should homeowners know about rotten wood?

Causes of Rotten Wood

Understanding wood rot is the first step towards fighting it, so take a minute to think about what causes wood to rot. It is actually fairly simple – lingering moisture in wood creates an environment conducive to fungi growth, which in turn causes the wood’s fibers to deteriorate. So, when water contacts an unprotected wood surface for a long enough period of time, the wood begins to rot.

Regardless of whether this process begins with a gentle rain collecting on your window sill or a violent leak pouring through your roof, wood rot can be astonishingly destructive. Think about the places in your home where moisture could collect – on window sills, near outside doors, or under sinks, for example. These areas are susceptible to rotting wood, so keep your eye on them, or better yet, give us a call to give you a professional on-site evaluation.

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