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When Should You Repaint Your Home’s Exterior?

June 16, 2017 Andrew 0 Comments

Here at All Painting and Power Washing, we care about giving you the best painting service possible for your home. That’s why we are here to answer any and all of the questions you might have about having the exterior of your house painted. When you are looking for house painting professionals who can deliver a job well done in a timely manner, there is no better team to call than All Painting! Read on to learn more and have your questions answered:

When Should I Repaint My Home’s Exterior

That depends on what your home is made from! If your exterior siding is wooden, it should be recoated every five years or so. Stucco can be painting less frequently, assuming that the exterior is still in good condition and free of any cracks. If your siding or shingles are stained, that should be touched up every three years to keep the wood sealed and prevent the color from turning to gray. Of course, if you are just looking for a new color to change up your home, that’s a great reason to repaint as well!

What Are The Most Important Steps To Exterior Painting

When we do exterior house painting, we have three crucial steps:

  1. Scrape, sand, and wash – We want to be sure that all loose and failing paint is removed. We also want to wash the house thoroughly to prevent any dirt from getting trapped beneath our new layer of paint.
  2. Prime and seal – This is where we protect the home by masking off the windows and other fixtures to ensure that paint doesn’t go anywhere it isn’t supposed to. Then, we apply primer. If we need to seal any cracks or uneven surfaces, we also use this step to give our team the smoothest and easiest canvas possible.
  3. Finish coat – This is the color! We have several methods we use to ensure that each surface is evenly coated and that overall product is one you can be proud to show off.

How Should I Choose Color?

This is really up to you, but we suggest looking at any pre-existing qualities about the house that you don’t really want to change. For example, the way your driveway looks, the color of your roof, and any patio you might have can determine some good guidelines for choosing your color. You will also want to see what colors are prevalent in your neighborhood to see what fits well. If you have any interesting architectural features of your home that you want to enhance, you can choose colors that match well together.

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