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July 24, 2014 admin 0 Comments

Paint Peeling & Flaking Repairs

Peeling and flaking: Experiencing peeling and/or flaking in your local Maryland home or business? All Painting and Power Washing LLC can help
In regards to peeling, this common moisture problem often occurs in older houses with no vapor barriers. One of the most important concepts to consider is using the proper product. Peeling can be addressed by applying a stain rather than paint: Stain is more permeable and will allow water vapor to escape. Moreover, peeling can occur because paint was applied to a warm surface. Our trained Maryland staff recognizes these details and is on the job . Another common area of paint failure is flaking. When wood is overexposed to our local Maryland weather before being painted or primed properly, you can expect some flaking. Our proficient Maryland Painting staff will avoid creating such problems, but can address existing flaking by sanding affected areas, applying a water-repellant wood preservative and a prime as soon as the preservative is dry. These steps will alleviate any potential flaking to your Maryland home or business.

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