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July 24, 2014 admin 0 Comments

Paint Blistering

When it comes to painting and power washing in Maryland, All Painting and Power Washing LLC understands the importance of preparing the surface properly before applying the suitable product.
Most paint problems are failures of preparation, which can lead to serious issues such as blistering
Make sure your Maryland home or business does not fall victim to this common painting blunder. Blistering indicates that a painter has painted over damp wood, green wood, or a preceding coat of paint that isn’t completely dry—this ultimately leads to built-up moisture beneath the paint, which causes the paint to blister. Of course, air blisters are also a possibility and occur when the painter fails to sand between glossy coats of paint or when the surface is too warm to be painted. Contact All Painting and Power Washing LLC, your local Maryland paint provider, to avoid such issues. Our talented staff can problem solve by spot-priming after scraping the blisters well and allowing the wood to dry thoroughly. Above all, though, our MD employees take as many precautions as possible and know how to avoid causing such catastrophes

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