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How To Choose Paint Colors For The Bedroom

February 21, 2018 Andrew 0 Comments

When it comes to interior paint, choosing the right colors is uber important. The colors you use throughout the house should reflect the mood you want to promote in each room.

In the bedroom, it’s particularly important to maintain a sense of peacefulness, especially if you’re someone who has difficulty relaxing or sleeping.

Promoting Restfulness in Your Bedroom

There are multiple factors that affect your mental state while in your bedroom. Things like decorations, lighting, clutter, and organization all have an impact on your brain activity.

Studies have shown that certain colors promote greater relaxation, leading to a more restful night’s sleep. Let’s look at a few elements of interior paint that can help calm your mind…

Satin or eggshell finishes are easier on the eyes than glossy alternatives, and they create a softer, warmer feel in your bedroom.

A limited color pallet keeps things uniform and doesn’t create excess stimulation of the brain. Here’s a tip: avoid accent walls that are visible from your bed.
Choosing milder colors helps promote tranquility. Bright colors can trigger the same mental sensations as having a cluttered bedroom!

What Are the Ideal Colors for a Restful Bedroom?

Want to take a guess at the color pallet that’s been known to create the most relaxing bedroom environment? Go ahead, we’ll wait!

Ready? You might be surprised…it’s blue-gray. According to most sources, any number of shades of lavender, light grey, and metallic blue promote a restful atmosphere. Why is this, you might be wondering? There are a few reasons…

First, these shades absorb light, rather than reflect it. This makes them easier on the eyes, helping you wind down in the evenings.

Second, these are light shades of a dark color family. This keeps the room from feeling too close, while also staying well-lit when you need it.These shades are universally neutral, and don’t stimulate any significant reaction in the brain, like reds (associated with warning or danger) and yellows (associated with action and awareness).

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