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Fall Is The Perfect Time To Paint Those Important Target Areas Of Your Home

October 4, 2017 Andrew 0 Comments

The holiday season will be here before we know it, and who doesn’t want their house looking its best when family and neighbors come over? The fall season, with its moderate temperatures and lower humidity, is a great time of year to paint the exterior of your home. But sometimes we can’t complete a full re-paint of our home’s exterior due to time or budget restrictions.

Target Re-Paint Areas

Even without painting the entire exterior of your home, you can still add a new look by targeting your re-paint work in areas that your guests will see first. When a complete exterior re-paint of your home isn’t in the cards, determine a few areas where you and your guests will notice that fresh coat of paint. With minimal work, your guests will be convinced that you have repainted the entire exterior of your home.

Front Door

Start with the obvious. The first thing your holiday guests will notice is a freshly painted front door. Updating the door color is a simple way to revamp the look of your home’s exterior. Give some attention to the surrounding trim and moldings as well. Repainting these areas will freshen up the appearance of your entryway. With holiday decorations surrounding the front door, your freshly painted entrance is sure to be an eye catcher.

Railings and Porches

While you’re focusing on your front door, also look at the area leading up to your front door to create an inviting feel. If you have metal or wooden railings, they may need a new coat of paint. Consider freshening up the paint on your front porch and balusters as well. These target areas should be welcoming to your guests, so make the entry into your home sparkle. Your guests will be sure to notice.

Garage Doors, Shutters, Foundation and Fences

There are other areas of your home’s exterior that can be painted with ease, and inexpensively. Painting your garage doors and shutters will brighten up the curb appeal or your home without a lot of time invested. Consider adding a fresh coat of exterior paint to your block or poured foundation. Remember to match the color of your foundation to your siding color, or paint your foundation a shade lighter than your siding color.

How does your fence look? This might be the first thing that your guests will see this winter. When you’re choosing your next exterior painting project, don’t forget about the perimeter of your property by letting the fence become worn or faded. A facelift for your fence is a great way to improve the appearance of your home’s exterior.

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