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Deep Clean This Spring With Our Complete Pressure Washing Services

April 8, 2018 Andrew 0 Comments

Along with brighter days, warmer temperatures and good feelings, spring also serves as a reminder that it’s time to tend to our homes after a long, harsh winter. This is why in the mid-19th Century, the term “Spring Cleaning” came into common use in England. It wasn’t long before the tradition spread to America. Our ancestors picked up the habit of giving their homes a thorough scrubbing every March, because it was warm enough to open every window, but still not time for the arrival of those pesky flying insects. Also, with their coal furnaces turned off for the year, Americans of an earlier era could remove a winter’s worth of soot from walls and furniture.

America today honors this tradition by celebrating National Spring Cleaning Week at the end of every March, but spring cleaning shouldn’t stop at the interior walls of a home. Along with dusting shelves and throwing away those old souvenirs from last summer’s cross country road trip, home owners should give the outside of their home a complete spring cleaning too.

Here at All Painting & Power Washing we offers an extensive variety of services that will help get your home’s exterior in top shape this spring. These include power washing driveways, patios, stoops and decks as well as power washing roofs and siding.

Our services are safe, fast, effective and environmentally-friendly.

Our Pressure Washing Services Include:

  • ROOF CLEANING – Our proven and safe roof cleaning process begins with an application of an algaecide solution. Although safe for people, pets and the environment, this solution is murder on the algae and mold that builds up on roofs (especially as winter turns to spring), leaving unsightly black and green streaks.


  • DRIVEWAYS AND CONCRETE – Despite its great strength, concrete is a very porous material. When debris and water get trapped in the tiny pores below its surface they can cause considerable damage and unsightly stains. Let us return the concrete surface at your home to like new.


  • HOME SIDING – Winter is rough on home siding; its winds and storms often bringing contaminants that can become trapped within crevices. That’s where we come to the rescue here at All Painting and Power Washing.  Our safe and effective power washing removes debris from all types of siding, from vinyl and aluminum, to brick, wood and stucco.

Giving your home’s exterior a spring cleaning with our pressure washing services will not only enhance its appearance, it will also protect your family by removing potential health hazards posed by contaminants.


To schedule pressure washing for your home or office just give us a call.

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