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Deck Pressure Washing and Staining

June 25, 2018 Andrew 0 Comments

Deck Staining and Pressure Washing Company Howard County, Anne Arundel County

With summer now upon us many homeowners are beginning to place use of their decks into high gear, but it’s worth remember that decks are an area of your home requiring extra care as they are subject to heavy traffic, harsh weather, and constant moisture.  For those that prefer the natural color of wood, out pressure washing service followed by a protective sealant is a great way to go, but for many of our homeowners, the added protection and design possibilities of a deck stain is the favored choice. For those considering it, a quality stain provides your deck with an extra layer of protection against the elements, and of course, coordinating colors of your choosing, and it’s an area of specialization for our pressure washing team here at All Painting & Power Washing.

Whether your deck could use another stain coating, has recently been built, or is in need of a full restoration, remember, hiring a qualified stain contractor will ensure that the job is completed to industry standards.  Our team will ensure that the surface of the deck is cleaned and prepared adequately prior to application of the stain, and applied with perfection.

While we’re there, don’t forget that we expertly pressure wash all areas of the home, ranging from decks, of course, to fences, walkways and driveway, siding, roofing, and more. For a free estimate for any of our pressure washing or deck staining services just give us a call.


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