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Add Timeless Beauty With Decorative Trim

February 17, 2017 Andrew 0 Comments

Looking For An Instant Bump In Curb Appeal? Think Decorative Trim And Moulding

Inside or out, nothing adds a bump to a home’s aesthetic appeal here in the Annapolis , Maryland area quite as quickly as the right trim our moulding. Around doors, windows, along ceilings and floors, and more, you’d be amazed what a difference this one simple upgrade can make to your home not just today, but when the time comes to sell as well.

With spring and summer painting season upon us, now makes a great time to consider just this kind of upgrade, especially if our team is already on site refreshing and updating your paint.

Even if you have the original trim that came with your home, a great many homeowners find that the original choice of the builder just doesn’t make the statement they want, or just as often, they are happy with much of the trim, but wish they had stronger accents around the door, or crown moulding along the interior ceilings, and so on.

If you’re interested in discussing options that might be right for your home give us a call. While we’re there we’re happy to inspect your home for any signs of paint wear-and-tear at the same time.

For a free consultation and estimate just give us a call at (443) 790-7145. Our painting and carpentry teams serve all of Anne Arundel County and beyond!

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