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6 Reasons Fall is the Perfect Time to Paint Your Home

August 30, 2018 Andrew 0 Comments

Autumn is the perfect time to paint the exterior home. The weather temperatures during fall are not too hot nor too cold, allowing doors and windows to be opened with little disruption. Plus the weather conditions during this fall in Raleigh have been exceptionally dry and non-rainy days are ideal for exterior painting. The heat and sun exposure from summer may have dulled the color of your home and made the exterior paint look faded. What better time than fall to update the look and feel of your home.

6 Reasons Fall is the Perfect Time to Paint Your Home

The temperature fluctuations during fall can be significant. However, there are significantly less bugs to contend with. As long as the dewpoint is low it allows both the paint application and the drying process to go smoothly.

Humidity tends to be lower in the fall than during the summertime. Lower humidity contributes to a better drying finish.

Painting your home during the fall gives our team the ability to make the repairs that you may not have noticed over the summer, further protecting your home from the moisture and cold of winter up ahead. This includes but is not limited to woodpecker damage, insect damage, wood rot, mold stains, water stains, caulk failure, peeling paint, and cracked stucco.

Since most exterior paint requires an ambient temperature of about 50 degrees, fall temperatures are perfect for exterior house painting.

Rainy days are less frequent during fall making it more likely to finish your exterior painting project within a couple of days.

Sprucing your house up for the holidays. When company arrives for holiday celebrations, the exterior of your home will look it’s very best.

We’d be happy to give you a free estimate and get you on our schedule for this fall. Just give us a call.

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