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Maryland Painting Service

Nothing freshens up a home quite like a quality paint job. Whether you simply want a new look to enjoy for years to come, or you are in search of the perfect paint job that will allow your home to shine in the highly competitive Maryland real estate market, All Painting & Power Washing is a name you can trust to get the job done right.

Paint To Impress

If you are planning to put your home on the market, then consider the many benefits of employing a qualified Maryland painting service with a keen eye for quality and detail. Did you know that the single most popular home upgrade home sellers consider is a full kitchen overhaul? They say nothing sells a house like a bright new kitchen. Before you tear out your perfectly serviceable kitchen, however, you might want to consider a paint job instead.

Nothing brightens up a home quite like a fresh paint job. And unlike a complete kitchen makeover, you won’t need to remortgage the house to pay for a top quality Maryland painting service. A top quality full home paint job is a fraction of the cost of the typical kitchen makeover. It also takes a fraction of the time. If you opt for a complete kitchen overhaul, you are looking at weeks of renovation. Weeks of inconvenience, weeks of mess, noise, and lack of privacy. You are also looking at weeks of lost opportunity. Just think of all those potential buyers who could have viewed your home during this time, were it not for the deconstructed kitchen and thick layer of construction dust.

When you opt for a paint upgrade from a qualified Maryland painting service, you escape the expense, the mess, and the extensive time commitment of a more invasive upgrade, like the above mentioned kitchen overhaul. When you opt for a high quality paint upgrade from All Painting & Power Washing, you receive great customer service and a breathtaking paint job that reflects the artistry and attention to detail of our highly qualified staff.

Interior, Exterior, And More

Whether you just want to freshen up your home’s exterior, or liven up every room in your house with fresh paint and a whole new attitude, All Painting & Power Washing has got you covered. An exterior paint job not only gives your home a great new look, it also protects your home from weather and wear. Give your home a facelift with an exterior paint job. When you trust your exterior painting needs to a top quality Maryland painting service, you ensure that your home’s exterior will look great for many years to come.

Are you in need of a Maryland painting service because you’re tired of those boring builder white walls that came with the house? Or perhaps you painted your walls a trendy (but now unappealing) color on a whim and would like to restore your home’s interior to a more neutral palate. Whether you want to add flavor and spice to your home’s interior or return to a more subtle shade, All Painting & Power Washing can help you find the color that’s just right for you. A new interior paint job can make your home feel brand new. This is a great way to add value if you are planning to sell your home, but it is also a great way to reinvigorate the place you plan to call home for years to come.

Of course, All Painting & Power Washing offers more than just painting services. We can also help you with the following home-enhancing services:

    Power Washing
Pressure Washing
    Wallpaper Removal
Drywall Repair
    Deck Staining and Sealing
    Carpetry & Wood Replacement
    Painter For A Day

Painter For A Day?

Are you considering painting your home on your own, without the assistance of a qualified Maryland painting service? It’s just paint, after all. What could possibly go wrong? Before you decide to go it entirely alone, however, you should consider All Painting & Power Washing’s Painter for a Day program. When you hire a painter for a day, you retain control over the project, from paint selection to other details that can save you money and afford you greater flexibility with your painting project. However, with Painter for a Day, you skip the hassle of the actual painting process.

When you hire an All Painting & Power Washing painter for a day, you can sit back and relax while the job gets done right. Your painter for the day will provide all the equipment necessary to complete the job – from professional grade brushes and rollers drop cloths to protect your flooring and furniture. You will provide the paint of your choice, as well as your vision for the project.

Contact All Painting & Power Washing today for all of your interior and exterior painting needs. Ask us about pressure washing and power washing. Get a quick quote for wallpaper removal and drywall repair. Ask us about our unique, affordable, and convenient Painter for a Day program. Whatever your painting and power washing needs, All Painting & Power Washing will ensure that you receive top quality service in a timely and friendly fashion.

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